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Institutional & Corporate Technical Training Services

Grace Senmon provides services at both Institutional as well as corporate sectors. We provide trainings at its Institute premises located at Noida depending upon the requirements of our clients. We are equipped with well trained trainers who can uphold teaching sessions proficiently as per the professional requirements of the candidates. Technical Trainers at Grace Senmon are well versed with their streams of conducting Technical Trainings and providing best Practical knowledge as well as Theoretical exposure and understanding to the trainees. We also provide corporate trainers to the companies for short term as well as long term tenures. We are holding proficient Corporate Trainers well versed with the corporate terminology which helps in up righting the trainees according to the company?s requirements.

Foreign Language Trainings

Grace Senmon Consultancy is persistent to provide foreign language trainings to the Corporate as well as students. We are providing trainings in Japanese Language and Business English with soft skills. The training curriculum comprises of grammar as well as conversation drills prepared by our expert trainers which enhances the learning methodology of each language and helps language learners to grasp a foreign language quickly and sustains them in the same in future also.


We support our clients with translation services in almost all Foreign Languages at competitive and commercial levels. Our translators are well equipped with translation skills concerning legal, finance, technical or general.


We at Grace have a proficient and professional team of interpreters who can support in communication in almost all Foreign Languages whether in house or field delegations. Our interpreters are well versed in conducting technical, trading or any other kind of discussions required.

Proof Reading

We have an experienced team of specialized Proof Readers with a good professional exposure for all languages, qualified and proficient for proof reading, Data Editing and validation of the data.


As we all know that Delegation Escorting as well as travel guide assignments are active and prominent in India throughout the year. We have framed a team of experts in each foreign language who have a good professional exposure of greeting and escorting the delegates at national and international platforms.

5S Training

It is the most significant aspect of any organization as it includes an exposure of maintaining your work platforms whether it is a production unit, manufacturing or soft floor etc. 5S training equips the trainees to perform in a very effective and systematic manner directly or indirectly providing benefits to the organization they belong to. During this training the trainees are taught to maintain their work environment concerning neatness, sorting and proper usage of each work aspect keeping in mind the cost effects. Moreover 5S training leads them to create a stress free and productive environment at the work place.

Poka Yoke

This is a Japanese technology for detecting errors during any work process line. This training helps the trainee to recognize and then stabilize the errors if any during the work process.

Pneumatic Trainings

Pneumatic Technology is known to be the best outbreak of the Science and Technology in the world of Engineering. Keeping pace with the technical requirements of the present Industrial world, we have framed a team of expert Pneumatic Trainers for making the MNCs contented in the field of Pneumatic Trainings.

Six Sigma

It is a technical training which helps in enhancing the practical outlook of the trainee concerning his work potential and improvements during his everyday work analysis he is going through. This training is more than error detection but also gives an overview of maintaining high quality of work outcomes during the work span of an employee.


It is a word of Japanese origin which means improvement with modification. This is a technique of training the employees to make the best use of working environment and available resources and also modifying and renewing the aspects to their best usage.