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We at Grace Senmon are aggressively initiating Institutional and Corporate Training services with full competency related to Foreign Languages and Technical Trainings which are ought to be required globally considering the requisites of the corporate and multinational world.

For excelling and being successful in the current era of Globalization, one has to understand the significance of Corporate Working. Globalization has resulted to an outreach and professional access of the MNCs working globally. For the smooth and successful growth and establishment of a MNC in the country apart from its native origin, a MNC needs to conduct various outbreaks like Language expertise, Technical Training, Exim Guidance, outsourcing services and so on... And for the same a MNC requires to seek assistance and guidance from the local professional consultancies, without their initiations no MNC can proceed and grow towards its goals.

Training at all levels is an obligatory aspect which has to be channelized according to the training needs and requirements depending upon strategically technology of the present era. We at GRACE SENMON are insistent on the same and provide the expertise of our specialists to the very best which includes Foreign Language Trainings covering almost all Foreign Languages and English including soft skills, Technical Trainings like Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5s, Poka Yoke, etc.

We are dedicated towards working on providing these Professional as well as corporate assistance and support at National and International levels.

We aim to provide services to every organization whether it is a manufacturing unit, an IT background company or an Export House. Our purpose at Grace Senmon Consultancy is to dwell in to the corporate sector with competency to furnish professional services to our prestigious clients at all levels. We hold a mission with a vision to introduce and establish ourselves and to make an outreach to all developed and virgin MNCs in respect of training and development.